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Austin Hawley

Austin Hawley

Austin Hawley- Assistant Winemaker

Having graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2006, Austin's education in biological sciences and outgoing nature are a welcome addition to Hawley Winery. When he is not working in the cellar, behind the bar at the tasting or room the road doing sales; Austin runs a small workshop and crafts furniture out of used wine barrels (www.winebarrelworkshop.com).


Growing up in the wine country, Austin has been studying California wines for some time. In 2005 he traveled to Australia and New Zealand to “research” their wines and style. His Dads' winemaking talent must have rubbed off; in 2009, Austin and his brother released their first vintage as winemakers to a "Best of Class" award. Austin has been studying winemaking at UC Davis and has been taking over many production duties from his dad.

Austin looks forward to working further with his dad and brother, as well as everyone he meets along the way. Austin has developed a passion for the wine industry and the wine country state of mind-Enjoy Life!